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Power Installation Questionnaire

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Thank you for your enquiry regarding a price to provide power for your project etc.

To ensure pricing accuracy could you please provide the following information:-

Customer Details
Contact Details
Job Details

Please provide a concept sketch including the following items:

  • Route of existing power lines and poles.
  • The location of the proposed take off pole / pole number
  • The location of the proposed transformer pole and house, shed, or pump site.
  • Route and overall length of the new line.
  • Any obstructions/roads/fence/dam/gully/crops, etc.
  • Any large hills.
  • Any environmental issues at the location
  • Photos of any of the above items

Note 1: If the proposed line is to cross a neighbour’s property an easement may be required.

Note 2: If other parties use the line in the future you may be eligible for a rebate.

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